8 Reasons She’s Going to Leave You for Another Man

When a woman leaves her man, she usually shows some prior signs. Thus, stating that it happened unexpectedly would be wrong. The point is that men take their women for granted and are ignorant to these signs.

Men get quite comfortable in relationships. They try hard to impress their object of affection in the beginning of a relationship but later they feel as if they have won her and there is no point in making more efforts. It seems that everything is going well and you have created a stable and secure relationship.

It is wonderful to be loved but you also have to realize that relationships can overwhelm people, too. At the same time when you feel that your relationship is going well, your partner may not share the same feelings with you.

When you think that there are no problems, in fact you may actually be the main problem. How to expect when a woman is going to leave you? Women differ from men in a sense that they are not rash and don’t make impulsive decisions. Thus, before leaving you they show certain signs.

If a woman leaves you, she didn’t make this decision on the spot. She was planning it while at the same time she was waiting for you to change things which were bothering her and which made her to take the final decision if you didn’t do anything about it.

There are quite a few behaviors which men do and which women find hard to deal with. If you don’t change them, she is most likely to finish the relationship. If you want her to be by your side in the future, below are mentioned 8 reasons why she can leave you.

  1. You’re exposing negativity. If whenever you are with her you are moody, she will get tired of your behavior. No one likes to spend time with negative people.
  2. She catches you lying to her. Honesty is one of the important things to have in a relationship. First of all, you shouldn’t be lying to a person you love. Secondly, women have a tendency to always find out if you were lying or not and if you keep doing it on a constant basis, she for sure will leave you.
  3. You are a control freak. You are afraid to step out of your comfort zone. When you are in a relationship, it is important to sometimes be childish. Live it up a little and go on an adventure.
  4. You are boring. You don’t make any efforts to make your relationship spicy. You got used to your daily routines and became quite predictable. She wants some excitement and you refuse to give it to her. If so, she is likely to leave you for someone who gives her more excitement.
  5. You don’t listen to her. Women need to be heard. When she feels that you are not paying attention to her when she talks, she will understand it as a selfish behavior. It also shows that you are not interested in what she has to tell you and will leave you for someone who will appreciate her more.
  6. You judge her. Instead of criticizing her, you should be someone who gives her more confidence. When you start to compare her with your exes, she will for sure end the relationship as she gets the feeling that she is not good enough for you.
  7. You don’t show your vulnerable side to her. For men it is hard to show their weak sides but when they find someone who they can trust, they will open up and talk about things which are sensitive to them. Thus, if you aren’t vulnerable with her, she will understand that you are not comfortable with her and don’t trust her.
  8. You don’t spend your time with her. In order to keep a relationship going, you need to see each other. You need to go on dates and spend time with each other. When you refuse to do so, she will understand that you are no longer interested in her and she will start looking for someone who is willing to devote his time to her.

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