Here Are 12 Signs You‘re Being Too Hard on Yourself

In order to reach our goals, we need a lot of confidence and motivation. However, sometimes we face obstacles which are hard to deal with and when we fail, we tend to blame either others or ourselves.

However, you should never blame other people for your mistakes. You have to own them and learn from them. But what most of people usually do is beat themselves up instead of admitting that they failed but will succeed the next time.

Thus, below are mentioned the main signs which show that you are too hard on yourself.

  1. You are never happy when you reach even your smallest goals as you think that you must do more.
  2. You think that whatever happens to you is merely because you have done something wrong. You never blame other external factors. For example, you blame yourself if you are late to an important meeting and don’t even consider the fact that it is because the metro was late.
  3. You don’t fight for yourself when other people behave harsh towards you just because you think that they have the right to treat you like this.
  4. You are worrying about your past too much. You can’t stop thinking about certain events which happened and you always think what would have happened if you have done something differently.
  5. You don’t believe in love. You think that this feeling is for stupid people. This is because of the fact that you don’t truly love yourself and don’t deserve to be loved by others.
  6. You focus on your flaws without even trying to fix them. You think that it is ok to pay attention to them and be hard on yourself because of them. You believe that it is the only way to become better.
  7. You never show other people your true self. Although you may be not an introvert, you rarely open up to people. It may be because you think that if people knew the real you, they would reject you.
  8. You have bad sleeping habits. It is hard for you to fall asleep because you tend to overthink a lot of things, even the most unnecessary ones, when you go to your bed.
  9. You are not confident. You think that you are not enough. You seek perfection and you think that you will never reach it. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and you don’t accept yourself just the way you are.
  10. You rarely take time off. You don’t give yourself a break because you think that you haven’t earned it. You believe that you can only achieve great things in life if you work hard without even pausing and regrouping. Therefore, you rarely take vacations.
  11. You worry about unimportant things. In addition, when something happens or troubles you, you already expect the worst result.
  12. You are a door mat. You are scared to stand up for yourself because you think that other people’s opinions about you are actually right.

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