What Does the First Letter of Your Name Say About Your Personality

The first letter of your name can say more things about you than you imagine. It reflects your personality and can say what type of person you truly are. Although your name may be a popular one, it is still unique in its own right. It is the closest attribute you have as you live with it your whole life.

Below are listed descriptions about each letter. Thus, find the first letter of your name and get to know what kind of person you are.

A. You are practical. You don’t seek romantic ideals. If you set some goals, you do everything you can in order to achieve them. You lack patience. People are attracted to you because you are open-minded, wise and polite. When you are in a relationship, you value motivation and support more than anything else. But at times you may be too selfish.

B. You are a romantic. You know how to show attention to your partner if you are truly in love. You enjoy giving gifts as it is your way of showing love. You are patient and you always reach your goals. You are adventurous and can manage your emotions easily.

C. You like to be surrounded by other people. You are usually the one to whom everybody in the room is attracted. You choose to be in romantic relationships with people who are in your closest circle of friends. You can easily deal with your emotions. Sometimes you can take things too personally or too serious because you are highly sensitive.

D. You make rash and impulsive decisions. You enjoy helping others and you are the biggest supporter of all your friends. When you are in a relationship, you are honest and kind. However, when you love someone, you usually treat that person if you own him. You can become too protective. In addition, you can become tough and strict.

E. You wish to be with someone who is active listener. In order to be excited, you enjoy witty and intelligent conversations when you are in a relationship. You like to talk about various subjects with your partner. You embrace challenges and you are honest and trustworthy. Usually before going to bed you watch films or read books.

F. You are romantic, honest, sensitive and kind. When you are in a romantic relationship, you treat your partner as your future husband or wife. You are sincere and loyal. Although you are honest and generous, you can behave badly with those who insult you or talk bad about you behind your back.

G. You seek ideals. You try to be perfect and expect the same from your partner. Thus, it can be quite hard to get your approval. You choose your partner according to his maturity level. You can’t accept someone who is less wise or intelligent than you. You are picky but at the same time you are extremely sensitive. You are active and adventurous. Because you tend to be always busy and active, you rarely find free time for your family and friends.

H. In order for your life to be complete, you need to find that special someone who will give you reasons to be happy. Because of the fact that you get attached to people easily, when you are in relationships you are generous and analyze your behavior too much. You are patient. You have strong moral values and work diligently until you accomplish your tasks. Because you are wise, a lot of people come to get your advice.

I. You value love more than anything else. You are sensitive, emotional and want to be appreciated. You are open to new things and experiences. When you look for a lifelong partner, you search for someone who could support you both emotionally and financially. Because of the fact that it is easy for you to get bored, you are constantly looking for new challenges and changes. You value materialistic things more than spiritual ones. Also, you find it hard to commit to one person, thus, your relationships usually don’t last long.

J. You are a businessperson. You want to be financially stable but at the same time you are very generous. You are romantic but don’t believe that love is out there. Your relationships are based on material things. You also enjoy the company of people from foreign countries.

K. It can be quite difficult to keep a conversation with you. Although you are shy, you are very attractive to others. You care about only those people who you truly like. You are intelligent and courageous. You are a professional at commercial matters. Because of the fact that love is a priority to you, you can wait a long time until you finally find the right partner.

L. You are a loving person. When you are in love, your partner becomes the main priority to you. You embrace challenges and changes and enjoy going on adventures. You like to be with someone who is intelligent and has many subjects to talk about. You seek approval from your partner.

M. You are loving, kind and humble. You have a lot of experience. You are an artist. Because you seek perfection, it can be hard to you to find your partner. You usually try to change him according to your needs and don’t accept his flaws. You find it hard to express your feelings. You believe that your opinion is the right one. You can even be egoistic. You also rarely find time for friends and family.

N. You have a wild imagination. You are a romantic at heart. You can’t be single. You feel the need to always be involved in a romantic relationship. You are patient when it comes to meeting your true soul mate. You are devoted to your partner but also value your free space. You don’t like to be controlled by anyone. You are active and energized, thus, you enjoy going on new adventures and experience new things. However, you tend to forget to slow down and enjoy the moment.

O. You like multi-tasking. You expect others to read your mind and don’t usually tell what you are thinking about. You can’t be single for a long time and you want to be loved. Thus, you are always open to new relationships.

P. You are intelligent and value your heritage. You feel scared that someone can harm your reputation. You like to appear elegant, wise and attractive. Sometimes you can see your partner as your worst enemy and because of it your fights usually end up in break-ups. You like to socialize with others. You are romantic and emotional.

Q. You give your best in everything you do. You have a lot of energy. You like people who have the same moral values and principles as you. You are romantic and enjoy giving or getting sweets and flowers when you are in love.

R. In order to improve, you are always willing to change your behavior. You choose your partner based on his intellect. You treat yourself as smart and you want to have someone by your side who is smart, too. In addition to being romantic, you are also open-minded.

S. For you entertainment comes first and only then comes your job. You are sensitive. When you promise something, you fulfill it. Sometimes you can become too needy and possessive. When you are in a relationship, you can be quite clingy and overly jealous. Because it is hard for you to deal with your emotions, you at times can be quite nervous and stressed. You are loveable, generous and kind and these characteristics make other people want to be around you.

T. You are emotional and romantic. You enjoy having candle-lit dinners with your partner. You have a wild imagination and like to dream a lot. You can fall in love quite easily and when you have a broken heart, you get over it quite fast. You live your life in a certain way and won’t change it for anyone. You are stubborn and determined. You rarely take advice from others and this sometimes gets you into troubles.

U. The most wonderful feeling for you is being in love. You are enthusiastic and spontaneous when it comes to relationships. The greatest challenge is to be loved and you are always looking for that special someone. You enjoy being in relationships more than being single. You feel free when you are offered new challenges. You enjoy giving rather than taking.

V. You like to be free. Thus, you don’t get into relationships where your freedom is restricted. You need to know your partner before you commit to him. You like weird people. Sometimes you are too fearful, nervous and confused.

W. You are confident. You are proud of decisions you make. When you are in love, you truly care about your partner. You are attracted and interested in him. There is nothing you couldn’t do for your loved ones. You are generous and kind. You show attention to your partner by making unexpected surprises and giving gifts.

X. You are enthusiastic and always seeking for some excitement. You are known to date more than one person at a time. You believe that you are gifted. You can do more than one job at the same time.

Y. You like to be independent. You are also extremely sensitive. You don’t worry about things which are out of your control zone. However, you seek other people’s approval and tend to think that whatever you do, nobody will like it.

Z. You are a loving person but don’t like to show your feelings. You are an introvert although you like to be around other people. When you are in love, you try to please your partner and get his approval. You are kind and helpful.

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