9 Reasons She‘s Going to Leave You for Another Man

Women are hard to predict but when it comes to making serious decisions they will think about that matter over and over again. Women naturally are kind. Instead of breaking up with someone, they will try to make things better. Instead of being angry, they will be the first ones to forgive. Moreover, if a man neglects or ignores her, a woman usually decides to understand him.

However, you should never take her for granted. You can’t keep pushing her buttons too much as she also knows that she needs to be respected. If she feels threatened, she will fight back or end the relationship.

A woman may be calm for a long time but she doesn’t have an eternal patience. She may show some signs which are worth taking into consideration if you want to be the only man in her life and we list those signs below.

  1. Your arguments and fights become constant. If you feel that your home is not a place of peace anymore, you may start to take into consideration that you should fight less. The worst things which can break your bond are constant fights and arguments. Fights can become very tiring and put you in a bad mood. If she becomes a negative person although before she was kind and generous, you may start to take some decisions how to transform your home in a peaceful place before she leaves you for someone else who doesn’t fight that much.
  2. Her man is often in a bad mood. If a woman can’t figure out what her man is thinking, it can become quite tiring. She would rather spend time with a man who doesn’t have mood swings. Some secrets and surprises are necessary when you start a relationship, but if you choose to be in a bad mood all the time when you are with her, it is a high chance she might leave you for someone who is happy and kind all the time.
  3. Her man doesn’t see her as priority anymore. Women can spot it immediately. If before she was treated as his main priority and now it has shifted, she will be the first one to notice it. A woman will then realize that he doesn’t see his future together with her and then she will for sure choose a man who will treat her as she deserves.
  4. He is not interested in her that much. Maybe when she was telling a story he didn’t listen to her. Or maybe he forgot their anniversary. Then, a woman sees it as a decreased interest in her. She would rather find a man who would be interested to listen to her and talk to her rather than stay with a man who finds her boring and doesn’t even remember their anniversary, or worse, her birthday.
  5. He seems passive in taking mutual decisions. When a man doesn’t want to take any decisions and lets his woman decide on everything, it is a clear sign that he is not that passionate about the relationship anymore. For him, it doesn’t matter how your future will go. Thus, a woman can clearly see it and get tired of taking decisions all by herself which should be taken together.
  6. She feels lonely. When a man doesn’t pay attention to his woman anymore, she will start to feel lonely. Then, a woman either becomes depressed or starts looking for a man who will treat her right. When you start building walls between you two, she will realize it and won’t feel appreciated. When women are in a relationship, they want to do so many things with their other halves. However, men are more passive and they soon get comfortable with what they have and refuse to try new things. In this way, women also start to feel lonely.
  7. He treats his friends better than her. Instead of choosing to spend an evening with her, a man decides to go out with his friends. It is a must for men to keep connections with their friends but it can’t overpower his time with his woman. When she feels that her man is spending all his weekends with friends rather than with her, she will feel neglected and soon will be looking for another partner.
  8. She feels worthless. Sometimes in a relationship words can speak louder than actions. She needs to hear from her man that he loves her and appreciates her. She wants to be heard and supported, too. Women enjoy talking with their other halves and when they feel neglected, they will begin to feel worthless. In order not to make such a mistake, you should always hear her out and tell her how important she is to you.
  9. She already likes someone else. To be in a relationship but actually to love someone else is one of the worst feelings. Sometimes you need let go of something and go through that pain in order to be happier.

Loving relationships are the most wonderful thing to experience. However, in order for them to work, both partners need to put a lot of effort and time. It can’t be one man’s business.

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