8 Signs of Highly Miserable People

If you feel miserable right now, don’t worry – there are millions of people in the world feeling the same way right now. However, your misery depends only on you. Your mood is only your choice. If you choose to be happy – you will be, and if you decide to be sad, you will be sad. You can tell that you feel one way or another because of some external circumstances, however, you only use them so you could shake off responsibility.

In fact, there are two kinds of miserable people. The first kind includes those who in fact are not sad at all – they just like to create dramas and act as they are sad. Another kind is truly leading miserable lifestyles and usually don’t know how to get out from them. Below are mentioned the main signs which can be applied to both types of miserable people.

  1. They can find something bad in every positive thing. Miserable people tend to close their eyes to positivity. They refuse to feel good. Instead, they pay attention to bad things. They can come to as far as finding something wrong in every situation or every person when in fact there is nothing wrong with them.
  2. Such people believe that their lives are desperate and they try to escape reality. Because of that, miserable people usually use drugs and alcohol because it helps them to hide from their real lives. But what they in fact do is try to run away from something which in fact doesn’t even exist. When you try to escape your real life, it can only make you more anxious and miserable.
  3. Miserable people envy those who are happy. It seems that miserable people would only be happy if people around them felt sad, as well.
  4. They don’t seek their dreams. Not only that but they also have no goals. They don’t know what they want to achieve and what to do with their lives.
  5. Miserable people don’t feel responsible for their situation. Instead, they are likely to blame others for all bad things which happen to them. In such a way, they put themselves in a victim’s position. Miserable people most often blame their parents for their current situation and don’t even plan to change anything about it. Also, such people find it hard to trust other people as they believe that nobody wishes good things for them.
  6. Miserable people feel powerless. You can only become happy when you believe in yourself. If you don’t, there is nothing else which can make your situation better. All people should be able to rely on themselves and miserable people fail to do so.
  7. They aren’t grateful. When you are thankful for something, you show positivity. Because miserable people are negative, they rarely show gratitude.
  8. Miserable people are critics. They like to judge everything. For them, nothing is ever good enough. Even when everything seems to be alright, miserable people will find something to complain about.

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