4 Little White Lies That We Tell Ourselves

You have lied to yourself so you wouldn’t get to do something, right? It seems that we have all done that. Our white lies become excuses for us not to something which we don’t want to do.

However, there is a thin lie between lies which don’t do any harm and lies which can influence your life in a bad way. These lies are said in different circumstances and it is quite easy to recognize which one is which.

There is another kind of lie which we usually tell ourselves and think that nothing wrong will happen when in fact they affect our lives in a long run. You may not even realize that you use them until it becomes too late to fix anything.

Thus, below are mentioned 4 white lies which at first seem harmless but actually can damage you in the future. If you recognize them, you can stop using them if you want to live a happy and positive life.

  1. When I will do something, everything will become better. You have probably heard yourself telling “When I will change something about my outside, I will feel better, too”. It makes you feel that your self-confidence results from feeling better about your outside. Although it may seem that it actually works, and in fact it does, but it works for only a short period of time because we can be pleased with our looks not for long. For example, you have gone to get your eye brows done, you feel happy that day, but with time you will realize that the color fades and it makes you unsatisfied. This lie is one of the most deceitful ones. You have to realize that having perfect looks doesn’t make you a better person.
  2. I could do anything if I had willpower. Willpower is one of the most productive features to have. However, you shouldn’t wait for it to come to you naturally. You lie to yourself when you state that willpower will come to you some day. It won’t come as it is something you need to nourish from deep inside. It is all in you. Instead of waiting for it to appear from external factors, you need to focus on its sources, which are in you. It could be as easy as creating healthier lifestyles, for example, you should throw away all junk food from your fridge and replace it with vegetables in order to eat healthier.
  3. I have powers to change other people who in fact don’t want to change. There are so many people who think that they have all the strength needed in order to change certain qualities about other people which they don’t like and it usually happens when having relationships. People won’t change just because you want them to change. You have to learn how to live with their flaws and if you can’t, leave them instead of shaping them into something they are not.
  4. I will do it tomorrow. The last lie we tell ourselves is that we will do something later. If you like to procrastinate, you have to understand that you are putting away not only your tasks, but also your future. Procrastination is only an excuse to your laziness and if you do it often, you will soon lose all your motivation and it will be harder to achieve your life goals.

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