15 Habits of Highly Miserable People

How would you imagine a highly miserable person? It would probably be someone who is extremely sad or desperate.

Some people live a life which they hate and this, in turn, makes them miserable. Thus, it kind of becomes a lifestyle for them. People who are miserable see only a negative part of their lives and to make them smile becomes a challenge for other people. Miserable people don’t even want to change – they like it when others give them sympathy and they become a center of attention only because others pity them.

However, there are some miserable people who want to be happy. If you are one of them, below are mentioned 15 habits which you do and in order to live a positive life, you should avoid doing them.

  1. You are never grateful for things which happen in your life. Miserable people rarely thank for things which happen in their lives because they believe that there are more bad stuff happening to them than good and counting these good things would be pointless. Also, when people thank for something, it becomes a manifestation of happiness, which contradicts the nature of miserable people.
  2. You live a boring lifestyle. People who are miserable live a monotonous life. Even if they have opportunities to take an adventure, they would say no to it and then complain about it. The main activities which spark interest of highly miserable people are watching TV or reading magazines, and it doesn’t broaden their minds at all.
  3. You concentrate on your past too much. Sure, all of us remember how certain things which happened in our lives were wonderful but then we forget it and move on. However, miserable people not only remember such things but they tend to dwell on them.
  4. You are selfish. Highly miserable people don’t think about others. They don’t care how others are feeling and are only preoccupied with their own needs. They want to reach their goals even if it means stepping onto somebody else.
  5. You worry about your financial status. Miserable people usually go to a job which they hate just because they believe that money is more important than doing what you love. Such people think about their finances too much and are anxious about losing their job. Also, miserable people are greedier than happy people.
  6. You like to provoke arguments. People who are miserable tend to see only a negative side in everything and thus they are more likely to start fights rather than having a normal and positive conversation. What is even more is that such fights are usually about things which are not important or have nothing to do with them.
  7. You blame other people for your misfortunes. Such people act as victims and are never responsible for their own actions. Most of all, they blame their parents because it was primarily they who made their lives unbearable.
  8. You think that other people have only bad intentions towards you. You don’t accept constructive criticism. Even if people only want to give you advice, you see it as a negative approach. Thus, most of the time miserable people take other people’s opinions wrong way.
  9. You perceive yourself as negative. Miserable people focus on negative things so much that in a long run they start to see themselves as negative people. They talk about their problems again and again even if no one else wants to know about it. Miserable people believe that their misfortunes and problems define their identities.
  10. You want to be involved in everyone’s dramas. Miserable people are the center when it comes to arguments and fights. They are also more likely to provoke dramas even if in the beginning it was only a simple conversation. They like to exaggerate and they strive on people getting angry at each other.
  11. You only expect worst things to happen to you. To see your future in a brighter light might be a challenge to you. If you are married, you believe that your spouse will eventually leave you. If you have kids, you believe that they will never love you.
  12. You put too much attention on yourself. You don’t believe that other people’s problems might be bigger than yours. You are eager to talk about your issues without even listening to others. When it comes to negative stuff, you want to be the focus of it as you believe that nobody has ever lead a more miserable life than you.
  13. You criticize everything too much. Your opinion must always be heard. Miserable people never pay attention to what others have to say and even if they do, they tend to disagree with everything other people say.
  14. You are always worried about something. Worrying becomes a big part of miserable people’s lifestyle. They usually worry about things which they can’t control. Miserable people don’t listen to facts and reasons, they only hear their inner voice which tells them to worry more and more.
  15. You don’t like it when other people succeed. You don’t know how to be happy for others. It is mainly because miserable people are jealous of other people’s lives. If someone is telling how great their life is going, miserable people would be the first ones to point out all the things that might go wrong.

Thus, if you recognize any of these habits in your behavior, today would be the right time to make some changes in order to be happier and more positive.

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