11:11 Spiritual Awakening – Are You Seeing It Too?

Some people don’t believe in spiritual awakenings but it is taking place all around the world. When you try to look deeper within it, you will realize that it actually bears some power.

A lot of people believe that spirits and angels of our loved ones connect to us through various ways, such as flipping to a particular page in a book where a certain written sentence is meant just for us, listening to some song over and over again because it has a hidden message, or paying our attention to repeated numbers on a clock or somewhere else, such as 11:11.

11:11 bears some magic for sure.

More and more people around the globe see this number combination everywhere they go – in supermarkets, shopping malls, cafes, or even at home, which shows that people are becoming more aware to signs sent to them from divine sources.

These numbers not only make us stop in the moment but also remind us to live in the present. It is a sign sent from greater beyond to show us that whenever we are stuck doing something or facing rough times, there is a divine presence helping us to go through them.

Doreen Virtue is one of the most popular and influential angel therapists. He is the one who put a strong emphasis on numbers 11:11. According to him, whenever you notice such combination, it is not merely a coincidence. Your attention has been brought to it because angels and spirits motivate you to focus on positive thoughts. You will soon accomplish what you wish if you keep your mind set on your goals. 11:11 is a reminder to focus on positivity and if you do so, spirits and angels will reward you for your hard and diligent work.

The more 1’s you see everywhere you go, the deeper connection you have with spirits and angels who lead you in life. More and more people claim to have seen number combinations including 1’s, which also shows that many of us stop giving up on our dreams and continue pursuing a life we always wanted to have. It is not surprising that a lot of those people become humanitarians and social workers as they realize that their main goal is to make the world a peaceful place, where everyone could enjoy their existence.

Every time you notice the combination 11:11, keep in mind that it is a sign to remind you that your guiding spirits are always here to help you. Focus on what you are doing and don’t leave any space for negativity. 11:11 is a manifestation of you going on the right path in your life.

You may wonder why 1’s are carrying so much weight on our psyche. It is to remind us that we are one whole unity. We exist separately but we can’t survive without each other. Being the one with your inner self as well as your outside world can create small changes which add up to each other and create significant transformations. Thus, whenever you notice numbers 11:11, put all your efforts in what you do and remember that your spirits and angels are there to help you when you need their support the most.

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