11 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Looking For a Different Partner

When you find someone you love, you see that person as your real soul mate. However, it can become quite challenging when you realize that your object of interest does not feel the same way about you.

Being cheated on has become quite popular in the modern society, especially amongst young people. Sometimes the one who cheats doesn’t even see any harm in it, whereas the victim of cheating can be emotionally harmed for the rest of his life.

People who are cheated on by others carefully choose their subsequent partners. Even if they feel love again, they try to be as cautious as possible so their hearts won’t be broken again. Below are mentioned 11 signs which show that your soul mate may be looking for a different partner or may not be committed to having a serious relationship with you.

  1. Their behavior changes. For example, if before they did their shopping quite fast and now it becomes a matter of all evening, you should be concerned. Also, if they claim they are stuck at work for hours and hours and are always late to come back home, your suspicions may be right.
  2. They are not interested in spending time with you. If you have a feeling that when you are with your other half alone doing something he wants to be somewhere else, it may be true, especially if this feeling arises every time you are left together.
  3. They don’t look you in the eye. It is a common fact that people who lie avoid eye contact. The same applies to people who cheat. If you talk about your relationship with your partner and he keeps on looking around the room, it is a sign that he feels guilty.
  4. They start more fights than usual. It may even seem as if you can’t do anything right. Whatever you do, they will complain about it, leading it to bigger and bigger arguments. Creating fights is their way of coping with their own guilt, blaming you for things which are completely unimportant.
  5. There is no passion left between you. Passion is the most important thing to have in a relationship and if you feel that he is no longer sexually interested in you and avoids having physical interaction, it is a clear sign that he might be interested into someone else.
  6. You don’t talk to each other anymore. Your soul mate is the one with whom you could share your deepest secrets. If you have noticed that your partner rarely talks about his day and only engages in small talk, you may start worrying that there might be someone else with who they share their secrets.
  7. Your partner doesn’t invite you to social gatherings. If before you were invited to his family parties and meetings with friends and now he rarely takes you with him, it may be a clear sign that your partner is getting ready for a breakup. What is even worse is that he probably doesn’t want you to meet his new object of affection at these gatherings.
  8. They become more preoccupied with their appearance. It has been proven that a lot of people cheat because they become less and less confident in their relationships. If your partner starts going to gym or takes too much time in front of the mirror when you go out, it is a strong sign that he is doing it not to flatter you but to attract someone he is interested in more.
  9. They don’t want you looking at their phone. Relationship is over when you no longer can trust each other. If your soul mate hides his phone from you or has passwords on it, it is a clear sign that they have something to hide from you. They feel guilty because of it and don’t want you to find it out.
  10. Your partner shows attention to someone else. It may be quite hard to notice since you are probably not all the time with your soul mate. However, when you catch your partner physically showing attention to someone else, you should be worried.
  11. They don’t care anymore. If there was something in you that bothered your partner before and now they don’t mention it, it may be because of the fact that they simply don’t care about it. They probably have given up on you and your relationship is not that important to them anymore.

Therefore, if you notice these signs in your soul mate’s behavior, you should pay more attention to them. If they don’t want to save your relationship, you can’t do that alone. In order not to get your heart broken, you should take necessary steps in order to be happy.

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