11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression has become one of the most common psychological health issues today. You probably don’t even realize how many of people who surround you have battled this problem.

Concealed depression is a form of depression when a person deals with his negative thoughts which are not clearly visible. This depression form may not be diagnosed to a person but he strongly feels that he has it.

Because of the fact that people rarely tell others that they have depression, they don’t get support they need. Thus, in order to help people who suffer from concealed depression, you first need to recognize such people around you and below are mentioned the main things which such people do.

  1. Such people hide their depression by putting on a happy mask. They can be extremely happy even when there is nothing to be happy about. They are too uncomfortable to talk about what is happening in their inner world. Thus, people around you who seem to be unreasonably happy all the time are probably those who are saddest when they are left alone.
  2. People with concealed depression have habitual remedies. Depression can be treated not only by medication or therapy, but also by certain habits. For example, some people alleviate the symptoms of it by constantly going to a park, driving a car around the city or listening to music.
  3. They are afraid that other people will turn away from them. It is always hard for depressed people to admit to their closest relatives that they have this problem. It is even harder when those people don’t understand them and simply walk away. This in turn leads to believing that depression makes all their friends and family members turn away from them when actually what they need is their support.
  4. They know what to say in order to cover-up. When you ask such a person why he is sad all day, he will probably tell you a story which has actually nothing to do with it. They are masters at covering-up their experiences. Maybe a depressed person missed a lunch date with you because he was feeling extremely negative but he will tell you that he had some other things to do and forgot to inform you.
  5. People with concealed depression have weird eating and sleeping routines. To eat and sleep well are the most important things in order to be healthy. However, depressed people usually sleep too much or too little. Also, they either eat a lot or don’t eat at all. Some people battling depression can’t fall asleep whereas others find it hard to get up from bed. Some have no appetite, whereas others feel the need to eat all the time.
  6. They understand what substances are wrong and what is right. For example, depressed people know that drinking alcohol will only worsen their situation. They also understand what medication they need to use. They also know that products which have a lot of sugar and caffeine can increase their mood. Depressed people pay attention to these things as their sense of responsibility of what they put into their bodies becomes higher.
  7. They think deeply about life. They tend to contemplate about life and death more often than people who are not depressed. Even if a depressed person doesn’t think about suicide, he still thinks deeply about the fragility of life.
  8. People with concealed depression are very talented. In fact, many well-known artists have had psychological issues. Thus, people who have concealed depression express themselves in ways which ordinary people wouldn’t. Their bad as well as good emotions help them produce things which are admired by others.
  9. They look for purposes. We all want to find our purpose in life. We want to be sure that we are moving to the right direction. The same applies for people who have concealed depression, except this need to look for a purpose in life is much deeper. In this way, they want to satisfy their inner world.
  10. They sometimes cry. Even those people who manage well their emotional worlds cry from time to time. We tend not to pay attention to people who seem strong to us when they cry. We believe that they don’t need our help because they can deal with their burdens all by themselves. However, crying shows that a person needs your support. Although people who have concealed depression may tell you that they always want to be by themselves, it is not true. They also need a shoulder to cry on and release their negative thoughts through crying. Your reaction to it can strengthen depressed people’s minds and show that they can always count on you.
  11. They want to be loved and accepted. Depressed people are no different than others. Their needs are the same. Just as you want to be loved and accepted, they want the same, too. When you are depressed, it can be quite easy to feel left alone and abandoned.

Society has taught us that we need to hide our negative thoughts and bad emotions. However, you shouldn’t follow this rule. If you see a person struggling with his emotions, be his biggest supporter. Let him know that you are here if he wants to talk about his problems.

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