10 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid at All Costs

We all have encountered toxic people in our lives. Some of them don’t even realize that they harm other people, whereas there is another type of toxic people who enjoy making other people miserable and upset.

Being around toxic people can make you stressed. Although none of us behave perfectly all the time, toxic people are not worth wasting your time and energy. When you spend a lot of time with toxic people, it can do quite a lot of damage to your overall well-being in a long run. Thus, you need to learn how to remain calm and relaxed when such people try to manipulate you.

The most important thing to do is to recognize toxic people and avoid having direct contact with them. There may be some people who are simply annoying, but being toxic is a whole new level. Therefore, below are mentioned 10 types of toxic people which can bring only stress into your life.

  1. The gossiper. There is an old saying that great minds talk about ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds talk about other people behind their backs. Gossipers like it when other people suffer misfortunes and problems and they would tell all those things to everyone around them. Thus, you shouldn’t waste your time around those who enjoy it when others have problems.
  2. The temperamental. Some people find it hard to deal with their own emotions which most of the time are negative. You may be screamed at by such people even when you have done nothing wrong. They will use you as someone to lash out at.
  3. The victim. Victims are those who instead of searching solutions to their problems like to suffer and talk about them. They enjoy getting empathy from others. You can listen to someone’s problems and truly feel empathy but when it becomes an often matter, you can get drained emotionally.
  4. The self-absorbed. Self-absorbed people use your presence in order to gain confidence. All they care about are themselves and they won’t even notice you in a room. They need you only to show that they keep a higher social position than you.
  5. The envious. When envious people experience happy events in their lives, they still don’t feel satisfied. They believe that other people still get a chance to experience better things than they do. It is quite dangerous to be too often around such people as they will make your accomplishments look small to you, too.
  6. The manipulator. Manipulators are those who pretend to be your friends but all they do is waste your time and suck your energy. It is the hardest type of toxic people to recognize as they always act as your friends. It seems as if they truly care about your hobbies, like to spend time with you and help you. However, they do all of this not because they are interested in you, but because they have hidden motives.
  7. The dementor. Dementors are those who come into a room and it seems as if they suck all life out of it. In “Harry Potter” book series, J. K. Rowling referred to such people as those who suck souls out of people’s bodies. How they do it? They come to a group of friends and talk about negative stuff so much that others seem to be overruled by their pessimism and become angry although there actually is nothing to be angry about.
  8. The twisted. Unlike the manipulator, the twisted is the easiest type of toxic people to recognize. They have bad intentions towards you and it is quite easy to see it. They get joy when they make other people miserable. The twisted have only one goal – to hurt other people and they do it quite clearly.
  9. The judgmental. They are those who believe that their opinion is the right one and they are eager to show it to everyone else. If there is something you enjoy doing, the judgmental will tell you how bad it is until you start believing it, too.
  10. The arrogant. Such people are too self-confident. What they actually have is quite a lot of problems and they use the mask of arrogance to hide all their flaws. It has also been proven that arrogant people are less talented and perform worse at work than anyone else.

Thus, how could you avoid these types of toxic people?

We all realize that their behavior is completely wrong, thus, why you should let them waste your time and energy if in the end you become miserable and angry? The stronger the type is, the easier it should be for you to recognize and avoid such people. Instead of trying to play their game, you should keep distance from them and interact with them as little as possible.

In order to keep emotional distance from toxic people, you need to be aware of your surroundings. You have to be able to distinguish who is toxic and who is simply annoying. The above mentioned types of toxic people can be of a huge help here.

Many of us have toxic people not only in our workplace, but also in our families. Thus, it may seem that because of it, we are unable to distance ourselves from them. However, it only makes it easier to predict their bad behavior. It also makes it easier for you to understand when you have to deal with their behavior and when you can turn away from them.

Another way how to avoid such people is to set some boundaries and stick to them. If you let things go naturally, you will get involved into a cycle of negative and complicated conversations. But if you follow your boundaries, you will see that it becomes easier to control the chaos toxic people create.

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