10 Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

When we just start a relationship, everything seems to be going well. We enjoy each other’s company without paying too much attention to imperfections and flaws. We try to see a positive side of our partner and fall in love with him.

However, it is crucial to analyze your and your loved one’s behavior as it can predict how your relationship will look in the future and what you can expect. There are 10 mistakes people do when they are in relationships.

  1. You spend your time only with your partner. When we start a new relationship, we devote all our time to him because we want to know him better. We feel inseparable and thus we forget our friends and family. It is a problem because you may lose important friendships and your family members may turn away from you because you don’t have time for them anymore. Thus, remember that in order to miss each other even more, you can spend time away from your lover and devote it to people who also crave your attention.
  2. You’re ok with his bad behavior. Examples of such behavior can be being glued to your phones when you are on a date, always being late, insulting you, comparing you with other girls, leaving you no personal space or even being aggressive. We tend to overlook our partner’s bad behavior because there is still so much good he does. However, bad behavior should not be tolerated. It is a sign of a toxic relationship. Instead of tolerating it, you should talk to your partner and tell him what kind of behavior is worrying you.
  3. You dwell on your past experiences. Everything what happened should be left in the past. One of the biggest mistakes we do when we start a relationship is comparing our partner with our exes. If you do it quite often, your partner will get annoyed. Nobody likes to be compared to others, especially to exes. Constant comparisons can ruin your relationship as your other half will start thinking that he is not good enough for you.
  4. You’re not expressing your needs. Girls especially tend to think that their partners can read their minds and if they can’t, which is most of the cases, they get mad. Instead of wishing for people to know what you are thinking, you should tell them directly so that there is no misunderstanding.
  5. You idolize your partner. When we are in love, we seem to forget the golden rule – that people make mistakes. We treat our partner as a perfect human being and have a hard time when they do something we don’t approve of. Thus, instead of idolizing him, you should stop making unrealistic expectations and accept him as he is.
  6. You are not yourself when you are around him. In the beginning of our relationships, we try to appear perfect so that our partners will fall in love with us. We sometimes lie, embellish our lives or pretend to be who we are actually not so that we would attract them more. However, what we forget is that people fall in love with who we truly are. Remember that your lies or half-truths can cause conflicts later. You should be honest, genuine and understanding.
  7. You control your partner. When you control your partner, it simply means that you can’t trust him. If you what to know where your partner is at every moment, act jealous when he doesn’t give you any reasons to do so or try to control his behavior, your relationship is doomed to end as no one wants to be controlled. We all need our personal space.
  8. You’re not paying attention to each other’s major differences. Such differences are usually ignored in the beginning of relationships and when you want to go the next level, you see that you actually don’t agree on important things, such as family, religion, career or friends. If you are too different when it comes to important values, you won’t have a stable relationship. Thus, before you get serious, make sure that you are on the same page.
  9. You are too needy. When you are in love, you want to spend every minute with your partner, which in turn can lead into you being too clingy or dependent on him. Of course, creating a strong connection is important but you should also leave him some free space. When they feel that you become too needy, it is a high chance that they will start making relationships with other people or even cheat. Therefore, if you want your relationship to work, you need to remember to give your partner free space.
  10. You’re moving too fast. When you are in love, you can draw your future with him in your mind. However, don’t be vocal about it if it is the first stage of your relationship. Talking about creating a family, having kids or buying a house can scare your partner. Remember to slow down when it comes to serious future goals.

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